• Creature Comforts - Exclusive Bottle Tasting 21.12.2019

Creature Comforts - Exclusive Bottle Tasting 21.12.2019

Enjoy an exclusive tasting of 8 bottled beers from Creature Comforts, guided by David Stein (VP/Co-Founder) and Adam Beauchamp (Brewmaster).

The event is at Mikkeller Bangkok, and starts at 4pm sharp.

The event ticket includes:

🍺 200ml welcome drink (Classic City Lager)
🍺 50ml of each of the following bottles:

  • River Ridge Red - Oak Aged Ale w/ Red Raspberries
  • Awaken, My Love - Imperial Stout w/ 1000 Face Coffee and Cinnamon
  • Life In Flux - Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • Welcome, My Friends - Imperial Stout w/ Vanilla, Coffee and Almonds
  • Tulsi - Saison w/ Tulsi and Hibiscus
  • Common Things - Saison w/ Saaz and Cascade hops and local honey
  • Mutualism - Mixed Fermentation Pilsner (Jester King collaboration)
  • Anicca - Oak Aged Saison w/ Local Honey, Apples and Wheat (Cloudwater collaboration)


The event is limited to 10 seats, and only available with a pre-purchased ticket.

  • 1,100.00 ฿