Curry Spiced Peanut, Prawn Cracker, Chili Jam


Pickle Plate

Daily Selection of Our House Pickles


Flash Fried Squid

Tempura Squid, Seafood Mayo, Pumpkin seed, Mint


Chicken Wings 

Burnt Chili Glaze, Fish Sauce Ranch, Marinated Veg, Sesame


House Fermented Red Hot Sauce, Ranch, Marinated Veg 

280.- THB

Dry Rubbed Sichuan Style, Marinated Veg, Ranch 

280.- THB


Frites Aioli 

180.- THB

Loaded Fries

Bacon, Cheddar, Spring Onion, Pickled Chili

240.- THB

Mac and Cheese

Chiang Mai Sausage, White Miso, Cheddar, Breadcrumb



Cheese Burger

Cape Grim Beef, Lettuce, Bacon, Cheese, Special Sauce, Frites

450.- THB

Roasted Half Chicken

Cauliflower Miso Gratin, Waxman Potato, Green Nam Jim Dressing

Butter Lettuce and Watermelon Salad 

990.- THB

Smoked ribs

Memphis Style Ribs

Dry-rubbed pork ribs, slow smoked


Kansas City Style Ribs

Dry-rubbed pork ribs, slow smoked, glazed with house BBQ sauce

Half 500.-THB

Full 950.-THB


Coleslaw + House Pickles + choice of fries, Waxman potatoes or 

onion rings

170.- THB

Smoked Ribs Sides

Fries 100.-

Onion rings 100.-

Waxman potatoes 100.-

Coleslaw 50.-

House pickles 50.-

Mac & Cheese 100.-

Potato salad 70.-

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Service is not added, but appreciated.