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Stout & Porter

Mikkeller - Beer Geek Flat White

Brewery: Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark) Style: Oatmeal Stout ABV: 7.5% VOL: 500ml

On Sale from THB720.00

Mikkeller - Black (Can)

Brewery: Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark) Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 16.5% VOL: 330ml

On Sale from THB880.00

Rogue - Chocolate Stout

Brewery: Rogue (Ashland, OR, USA) Style: IPA ABV: 5.8% Volume:650 ml

On Sale from THB600.00

The Bruery Terreux - Tart of Darkness

Brewery: The Bruery Terreux (Anaheim, California) Style: Sour Stout ABV: 6.6% Volume: 750ml

On Sale from THB1350.00

The Bruery - Share This Mole

Brewery: The Bruery (Placentia, California) Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 11.1% Volume: 750ml

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On Sale from THB1100.00

Mikkeller San Diego - Beer Geek Breakfast (CAN)

Brewery: Mikkeller Brewing San Diego (California, USA) Style: Oatmeal Stout ABV: 7.5% Volume: 473ml

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On Sale from THB370.00

AleSmith - Speedway Stout Can

Brewery: AleSmith Brewing Company (San Diego, USA) Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 12.00% Volume: 473ml

On Sale from THB680.00

8 Wired - 2016 Bumaye

Brewery: 8 Wired Brewing (Warkworth, New Zealand) Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV: 16.0% Volume:500 ml

On Sale from THB950.00

Evil Twin - Even More Jesus

Brewery: Evil Twin Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 12.0% Volume: 650ml

On Sale from THB900.00

Pasteur Street - Cyclo Stout

Brewery: Pasteur Street Brewing Company (Saigon, Vietnam) Style: Imperial Chocolate Stout ABV: 13.0% Volume: 750ml

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On Sale from THB2400.00

To Ol / Pohjala - Taanilinn BA Cognac

Brewery: To Øl (Copenhagen, Denmark) Collaboratino With: Pohjala (Tallinn, Estonia) Style: Imperial Stout Cognac Barrel Aged ABV: 14% Volume: 330ml

On Sale from THB1200.00

Mikkeller - Black Ivory Coffee Stout

Brewery: Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark) Style: Imperial Stout ABV: 8.3% Volume: 750ml

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On Sale from THB1900.00